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    What is a handgun I must own as a firearm enthusiast? (Excluding the M&P 9mm and the 1911)


    Jacob Paulsen

    I would say the Glock 17 or 19 is a required gun to own in addition to the 1911 and M&P. A Springfield XD may also be on that list. Fun to think about!



    My personal must have is the Sig P226 MK25. I would also love to own an HK USP compact in 9mm. I haven’t fired either of those and they are pretty pricey.



    A great 1911 is like a piece of the great legacy of John Moses Browning and one of the most “cred” handguns there is I’d say. For me Glock 19/17 tie for second place as they are the best selling handguns of our time, they’re highly customizable,(see Agency Arms, ZevTech Wet Werk, Works armament, etc..) simple, reliable, durable, accurate. As for revolver, I love the S&W 686. They’re just classic looking, durable, and ready to work.



    Must have?



    Is a Glock 19 really a must have for everyone? I’m relatively new to this topic and I have a pc shield 9mm and a S&w 686. The only Glock I’ve shot is a 27 and I HATED it. Very snappy and hard to be accurate. It literally “hurt my hands” to hold and shoot.
    Would I be substantially more pleased with a 19?


    David Jones

    I was at the range this week and rented the fns compact 9mm and I really liked it. It had much less of a recoil then the m&p 9mm compact. I have a sig p320 45cal for the house but I’m not sure about making that my edc. But I vote for the fns compact and the sig p320 45cal.


    Jacob Paulsen

    @whitewater I think you would find the Glock 19/17 is substantially more enjoyable to shoot than the Glock 27. I carried the Glock 27 exclusively for about 4 years and I liked the gun but the .40 has stronger recoil than the .45 and that sub compact isn’t easy to manage. Not saying the Glock 19/17 is the most pleasant gun I’ve ever fired but I think in the class it is both easy to shoot and extremely reliable.

    @david_jones I just bought the FNS 9mm in the 4 inch barrel. I haven’t shot it yet. After reading your report I’m feeling anxious to take it out!



    With all of that said, what about a single stack pistols? I have a smaller palm then most, and the Glock’s handle and frames are a little to big to comfortably fit my hands. Other that the M&P 9mm shield, what else is available?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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