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Guardian Nation

$38.45 / month

Pay ONLY $1 in October and be part of the new Guardian Nation. Use coupon code {gnoctprelaunch} at checkout to have 30 days of access for just $1.

Guardian Nation is a community of American gun owners committed to defending their families, communities, and our nation from threats. Membership includes access to the training and the gear that any Guardian needs. Learn more about it below.

No Contract – No Long Term Commitment – Cancel Anytime

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Product Description


Pay $1 in October and be part of the new Guardian Nation. Use coupon code {gnoctprelaunch} at checkout to have 30 days of access for just $1.

(The most exciting part of this is toward the end so don’t stop reading)

This is officially launching in November and it will be $38.45 per month after your 30 day $1 trial. Since the ball is just getting rolling and we want to give people a chance to check this out and give us feedback we are offering this just during October for $1. Here is what you will get right away:

1: Access to our first ever Shooter Skill Set. This is a monthly series we are kicking off with Guardian Nation. Each month we will deliver to you a series of drills to help you build key skills necessary to being a sheepdog. Each Drill is presented by video to make it as easy as possible to learn and perform. In addition, you will receive drill sheets to download and print to help you run the drill wherever and whenever you wish. The first set of drills are in the membership area right now waiting for you…

2: On Oct 27th we will be doing our first ever Guardian Live broadcast. This is a LIVE video webinar with Mike Hughes (2nd place contestant on Season 3 of Top Shot and Founder of Next Level Training) in which you will be able to ask all your questions about tactics, marksmanship, training, and gun politics. Each month we will do these live video webinars with different industry expert guests and ONLY Guardian Nation members can attend, ask questions, and view the recordings.

3: Immediate 10% off ANY product we sell on our site from ammunition to holsters. Books, knives, pepper spray, and tactical vests and backpacks. Anytime you are logged in all prices will be reduced 10%… just like that.

ALSO, as a special bonus, because we know you are showing some faith to join a brand new community, we want to give you something that we 100% absolutely know we will not be able to offer people who join in the future. We will answer any gun question you have about tactics, training, law, gear, etc. Either Jacob Paulsen (Company President) or Riley Bowman (Host of our Podcast) will personally respond either in writing or with a video to answer your question.

Now remember, this is just a pre-launch. In November when we officially launch the Guardian Nation membership you will still have access to the monthly Guardian Live broadcasts, the ongoing shooter skills (plus all the past content), the 10% discount, but even more exciting… in November you will receive your welcome kit with our exclusive Guardian Nation t-shirt AND our exclusive Guardian Nation Series 1 Handgun Cleaning Mat. These are not products that can be bought on our site or in stores. The ONLY way to get them is to be a member of Guardian Nation.

I still haven’t told you about the most important part. Starting in November with the official launch you will also begin your eligibility to receive our Guardian Box. The Guardian Box is a quarterly gear box that we only send to eligible members of Guardian Nation. We will send it out once a quarter and it includes tactical gear that you as a Sheepdog will need. You never know what will be included but it always has a minimum retail value of $100 and trust me it will rock your world!

Also, at the request of many of you… as a member of Guardian Nation you will receive a gift certificate to attend an in-person class in our network each year on your member anniversary.


Again in Summary:

10% off ALL our products Always

1 Free In-Person Class Each Year

Access to Monthly Shooter Skills & Drills (plus the past archive)

Access to Monthly Guardian Live Broadcasts (live Q&A webinars with industry experts)

You Will Receive the Quarterly “Guardian Box” full of awesome tactical guardian gear

Access to A Guardian Nation Exclusive Online Community

And as a 1 time “Thanks for Trusting Us” October bonus either Jacob or Riley will also respond to any gun question you have either in writing or with a recorded video!

We encourage you to be a Guardian Nation Member today!


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Now Only $38.45 Per Month

No Contract – No Long Term Commitment – Cancel Anytime

How Will Guardian Nation Help You Prepare?

As a company, USA Firearm Training is about stopping bad guys/gals. We do that by preparing and empowering Americans to defend themselves and their loved ones from criminals, predators, and terrorists. We sat down with all our industry partners and asked one important question…

“What Does The American Gun Owner Need to Succeed?”

We started writing things down on the whiteboard in the office. Mostly the things we wrote down were related to having the right shooting skills. Naturally building those skills comes down to getting the right training and then doing the necessary drills/practice to build the skill.

A lot of the other things we wrote down on the board were related to having the right gear. Having the best stuff can not only be expensive it can also be hard to find without the right coaching and hours of research.

With those two key ideas in mind, we brainstormed about 30 different ways we could get the right training and tools to American Gun Owners. The problem was that most of our ideas were either overly complicated or would end up being overly expensive for the gun owner.

Finally, we figured out a few magical things that changed the game for us and you…

You see, by creating a monthly membership it is a lot easier for us to hire the people and invest the time and resources to product high-quality training content, drills, and videos because you would be sharing the cost with thousands of other gun owners who have taken classes from us in the past or who have purchased product from our website.

Also, by including a quarterly box in the membership; we can get huge discounts on the best gear out there because we can negotiate on behalf of thousands of members. That means huge savings that allow us to pass that on to you and ensure you have what you need to defend your families and survive anything.

And obviously the other benefits of Guardian nation like the free annual in-person course, the 10% discount on our store, Guardian Live Broadcasts, and the community are all rooted around us doing what we do best and leveraging the large numbers of members like yourself to make sure you have the rights skills and the right gear at a reasonable and affordable price.


Jacob Paulsen
President – USA Firearm Training

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Now Only $38.45 Per Month

No Contract – No Long Term Commitment – Cancel Anytime


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